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21, rue du Montparnasse
75006 Paris
Phone number +33 (0)1 49 54 36 55
F. +33 (0)1 49 54 36 62

Theme > Humanities, Literature

Since its foundation in 1708, Stock has been an important part of the French literary marketplace. La Collection "Bleue" is known for its works of quality literary fiction both by established authors, such as Philippe Claudel and Nina Bouraoui, and emerging talents. For the past years, Stock has considerably increased its efforts to publish quality non-fiction books through a variety of series: "Un Ordre d’idées" tackles history, sociology and ethnology; "Essais" perpetuates a tradition of philosophical writings; and "L’Autre pensée" publishes the works of thinkers whose ideas tend to go against the current. "La Cosmopolite", the world literature series, counts a great number of Nobel Prize winners among its authors and represents one of the cornerstones of our catalogue.

Maÿlis Vauterin - Rights Manager

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