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15, rue des Vieilles-Douves
4, rue Vauban
44000 Nantes
Phone number +33 (0)2 40 20 56 23

Theme > Children's Books, Comics, Humanities, Literature

L’Atalante, an independent publishing house, is recognized and esteemed as one of France’s leading publishers of science fiction and fantasy. Yet L’Atalante is increasingly a general publisher: the essays in the "Comme un accordéon" series have gained the trust of booksellers and the drama series, directed by Serge Valletti, has met with great success. "Flambant neuf", which features high-quality graphic novels, and the YA collection "Le Maedre" complete our publishing programme. Besides the careful attention given to each text, L’Atalante ascribes great value to the quality of the book as an object, calling upon many painters and illustrators to embellish our covers.

Annette Werther-Médou - Foreign Rights, Film & TV Rights

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