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Éditions Le Verger des Hespérides > View titles
19, rue du Grand Verger
54000 Nancy
Phone number +33 (0)3 83 29 71 03

Theme > Children's Books

All our series aim to be an open door on the world, past and present; a bridge between cultures that, at first glance, appear to be very different. There are short readers for beginners, stories that are both funny and touching; historical or fictional adventures and biographical narratives for a wide age group, from the early teens to their parents and grand-parents. A series of tales from all over the world, gathered at the source from families living in the selected countries, invite you travel and dream without leaving your favourite armchair. A bonus – the books are produced with special care and originality.

Véronique Lagny Delatour - Publisher, Foreign Rights, Sales, Press

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