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The Heart of the Leopard Children
A young man regains consciousness in custody. What happened to him? Mireille, the love of his life, has left him abruptly; he had been drinking…What should he do to remember everything? Real questions, though, come from his foggy thoughts; the voices of his ancestors, like an inner chant from Africa that evokes in him values of sharing, honour, heritage and hope.
The Brotherhood of Book Hunters
François Villon, the world’s first poet of modernity, was born in Paris in 1431. He was arrested and condemned to death by hanging in 1462 and exonerated in 1463. Shortly after his release from prison, he disappeared forever making him a good candidate for intrigue. A tale of the clandestine life with books bearing secrets and deployed as weapons against Rome by an invisible Jerusalem.
A Little Piece of Sky
Carole returns to Val, a village in the mountains: a road with a café and a grocer’s running through the middle, and the baker’s van twice a week. That’s it – and the cold. Nature reigns supreme.
The Little Communist who Never Smiled
This novel follows a child gymnast, who, in Rumania during the 80s, in front of a fascinated audience all over the world, managed to challenge the cold war. It lays bare the perversion of communism, as well as the falsification - by Westerners - of what life was really like in the Eastern bloc. It is also an enthralling meditation on the invention and the implacable assessment of the female body.
Anna Song’s Double Life
The novel begins as the death of Anna Song – a mysterious pianist with a huge discography – is being reported in the specialized press. Anna Song was ‘the greatest living pianist that no one had ever heard of’. And for good reason: no one had ever seen her in concert.
Street Thief
To be twenty when the Arab Spring dawns, speaking the French of noir detective novels, anxiously serving the Muslim Brotherhood, placing freedom above religion, seducing a young girl from Barcelona and contemplating a narrow stretch of water, to cross over from Tangier to what seems like a garden of delights…
The Profane
At the age of 90, former surgeon Octave Lassale no longer operates. In his big empty house, he has formed a team of 4 people to look after him, each with a different mission. They do not know each other, but find themselves gathered around the old man to attend him in the last chapter of his life. Together, without the comfort of a religion, they venture into the zone of secret hurts and wounds.
Tell them of Battles, Kings and Elephants
May 13, 1506, a certain Michelangelo Buonarroti arrives in Constantinople. In Rome, he has left the tomb of Pope Julius II, unfinished. He is responding to the invitation of the Sultan who wants to give him a commission: to design a bridge on the Golden Horn, a project that was withdrawn from Leonardo da Vinci. Urgency, lots of meetings, the seduction and dangers of a foreign land.
Dead of Winter
Plein hiver is a story about disappearance and return. The rumour spreads around the streets of Lisbon, a little American town, like wildfire: David Horn is back. Everyone observes the young man who disappeared four years before – some out of curiosity, others perplexity, some just frightened. The hero’s return is veiled in the phantasms of those who awaited him.
How Does a Fifty-Year-Old Parisian Find Love?
What do you do when you’re 18, 30, 40 or 50, to change a flat, uneventful life, gain peace, and perhaps even happiness, and love?
This question more or less sums up Pascal Morin’s dynamic and luminous novel.
Breaking the Ice
Aurélien, the new boy in high school, is a loner. He wants nothing more than to melt into the background. Yet Thibaud seems to take a special interest in him, he even persuades Aurélien to take part in a poetry slam one evening. The rhythm of the words helps Aurélien to break the ice that’s confining him, and cast off the weight of the past.