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The Extraordinary and Bittersweet Childhood of Tom Flach, Unwitting Superhero
The fantastic, bitter-sweet childhood of a kid who – in spite of himself – becomes a super-hero. A fine initiation novel that blends suspense, humour and emotion…
Don't let go
When his wife vanishes, Martial, n° 1 suspect, goes on the run with their daughter. With the police on his heels, he has to resurrect the ghosts of his past to save the two people he loves most.
Room 2
The story of a sensitive, vulnerable woman who is seeking a balance between her past, her aspirations and the constraints of her daily life…
Of Water and Fire
An ardent love story against the backdrop of a family saga. The setting is a Scottish whisky distillery.
Men Die, Women Grow Old
Ten portraits of women. Four generations. A family. Birth, growing up, loving, giving life and dying: they are all on the eve of those hours that mark a life.
The Rocheforts
A fine portrait of political and economic France at the beginning of the 20th century, especially the fascinating story of the cloth from Nîmes (denim), through the lives of two families from very different backgrounds.
I Sought My Heart’s Beloved
In 1940, Alexis promises Anne to take care of her always. He’s ten, she’s nine. First the exodus, then life separates them for many years until they get together again by chance… From Paris to Montréal, a magnificent love story where historic events, voyages and the love of art play their roles.
The Path of the Souls
They are all around us; they are invisible; they have taken over our bodies and want to possess us. They are the black souls of our ancestors. Only one man is capable of fighting against them – to save the woman he loves…
The Red Orchids of Shanghai
The powerful story of Korea under Japanese domination, and in particular, the hell that Korean ‘comfort women’ went through as they were abducted to work in brothels reserved exclusively for Japanese soldiers during WWII.

Pretty Girl 13
Angela, 16, goes home, unaware of the fact that she disappeared at a holiday camp three years earlier and that her family had no news of her all that time... Her return is shattering, for her, her parents and her former friends.
Nymphéas noirs
In the famous village of Giverny, three lives are brought together when a mysterious murder takes place in the setting of an impressionist painting: those of Fanette, an eleven-year-old girl, Stéphanie, the young village school teacher and the old lady from the mill at Chennevières.
En Kit
A social critique of life the beginning of the 21st century, with its lack of meaning. Dynamic and despairing.
The Man who Wanted Too Much
In Auvergne, the inhabitants of a hamlet in the mountains are completely wiped out. Who could possibly have anything against these quiet people? And there is no trace of a murderer…
A Serial Killer's Holiday
The trials and tribulations of the Destrooper family, on holiday by the North Sea, in the company of a serial killer…
Today for Always
William, a Hollywood star, gives it all up to get himself a new life. No sooner does he settle on an island on the East coast than he meets a woman and falls head over heels in love. But other meetings await him here, strange and ghostly…
Without Forgetting
A young woman has to deal with the early death of her mother and the difficulty of facing up to it, and continuing to lead a normal life after the tragedy…
From Fever and Blood / The First Blood
Two captivating investigations take us into a unique world, somewhere between nightmare and reality…
The White Tigress
This epic novel traces Xénia’s remarkable and heroic path from her teens, during the Bolshevik Revolution when she was responsible for her family’s survival, to their exile in France.
The Free World
The Krasnanskys, a Jewish family emigrating from Latvia to the West in 1978, must spend 6 months in Rome while waiting to obtain their visas for Canada. During this time, they are confronted with obstacles that come from both the outside world and from within their own family.
The Man of their Lives
A forty-something widower and a young divorcée decide to give love a second chance…but will their respective families and obligations keep them apart?
A String of Small Treasures
A strange inheritance transforms the life of a young Parisian and forces him to make radical choices