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Whatever you desire, Nigel can get it for you.
But now it's his turn: he has to know what he really wants to believes.
Or he will die...
Jason Brice
Jason Brice is a private investigator.
His speciality? Solving supposedly occult or paranormal cases...
Ancestral enemies must run a galaxy-wide diplomatic Mission... Together!
A breathing space opera mixed with machiavelian diplomatic tragedy.
The Angelus
Clovis never would have guessed that coming across a masterpiece of classical painting would have such a colossal effect on his life. Completely obsessed by Millet’s L’Angélus, he discovers a 45 year-old family secret, and in so doing metamorphoses from an uninspired, gloomy husband into a spirited seducer.
Despite his new identity, Björn, a former Nazi, cannot forget what he did during World War II… Now he is involved in a new war, this time fighting for the Jews. Will he be prepared to kill again, even if it is in the name of peace?
Incorruptible, international, impeccable, merciless...
No cheater can resist Larry B. Max.
Hell School
‘Sink or swim’ – that should be the motto at the Institute of Excellence, where deadly accidents wait in store for the weakest. A group of four students try to rebel in order to survive. Realizing that this elite school is linked to an orphan trafficking network - as ruthless as it is immoral - they discover that their worst enemy could well be the greatest defender of humanity...
You can only avoid your past for so long before it catches up with you…
Poison Cell
Claire could have been a police officer, Clara hunts vice down to its source...
Until she gets lost in tha Abyss...
The Eternals
Diamonds are a girl's deadliest best Friend!
Meet the Eternals, an undercover duo of diamond detectives!
Jazz Maynard
Sometimes a liar, a little bit of a cheat, always a robber: Jazz Maynard has more than one tune in his repertoire! A Jazz player, a protective brother and a faithful friend, he is always ready to look after his own. Even if it does mean going back to gangland to pay a debt of honor!
Four friends have managed to set up the perfect scam. But when one of their victims returns and is murdered, everything falls to pieces. Now a policeman, ten years on, one of the four launches an investigation around the other three and their families, at the risk of losing more than just their friendship.
Karma Salsa
Prison is only in the Mind, they said. But now Angel is out, how long will he be able to resist letting his old demons in?
Once Upon a Time in the East
In Lenin’s Russia, two stars of the early twentieth century make their entrance into the history of the Arts. She is an American dancer. He is a Russian poet. Two worlds collide.