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Steel Knots
An intense, nightmarish and disturbing survival tale.
A Wind of Ashes
The grape harvest… Camille and her brother Malo are so looking forward to it. Even the strange Octave, owner of the domain, cannot dull their enthusiasm. One evening, Malo disappears. They all think he’s gone off to see a woman, only Camille suspects that the truth could be more sombre…
Six White Ants
A mountain guide who isn’t what he appears to be, a group of friends on a trek that turns into an icy, gory nightmare … A thriller of the Ten Little Indians genre. Frissons guaranteed!
I, the Assassin
I, Assassin takes readers on a journey into the unfathomable depths of a killer’s psyche, a man who defines himself not so much as a serial killer, but rather a ‘bespoke’ killer. This thriller taps into politics and philosophy, turning like a finely-tuned clockwork and ultimately leading the killer to his own damnation. A full-on and unsettling journey into the very heart of human perversion.
The Deep Sea Diver’s Syndrome
David is a dream hunter. Whenever he is commissioned to dive into the heart of slumber, he has to bring back strange objects of priceless value in a world gone numb and monitored. Yet David struggles to come back from these oneiric expeditions, far more exciting than his dull real life. At the peril of his life, he attempts to smuggle one last time into the dream free zone…
White Leopard
A mixed-race cop turned private lands in Bamako, keen to forget his past. Things don’t go too smoothly as Mali, plagued with corruption and trafficking, is a tricky place for a guy like him…
Our Dear Marcel Died Tonight
The last intense days of Marcel Proust.
The Fermi Paradox
A striking, realistic account of the collapse of our civilisation told by one of the last survivors.
Delta Charlie Delta
Two crime cops as unalike as chalk and cheese - Mako, a loner and a hard man and Marie, a young police chief devoted to her mission – scan the Paris suburbs by night in search of a particularly vicious serial-killer …
An intense, raw love affair between a female student and a married man in his fifties. The erotic vertigo experienced by a modern day Lolita.
Saving Joseph
A biblical comedy that is totally contemporary! The tender tale, rich in fantasy, of a man like any other caught up in the contradictions of today’s world.
The Crossings
The power of love, and the damages that ensue.
A Sensitive Chord
What if a magical opera score had the power to save or destroy lives?