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The Little Girl and the Cigarette
A condemned cop killer’s request for a final cigarette makes him a media hero. Meanwhile, a bureaucrat’s secret cigarette in a bathroom leads to accusations of paedophilia after a little girl catches him blowing smoke out of a window with his pants down. This is the absurdist story of a criminal’s rise to fame and an innocent’s descent into hell.
The Child of an Ancient People
Lislei and Kader might never have met. Fate conspired to send them to the far side of the world, to Australia. There, they join forces to survive before falling passionately in love, then find their lives shaken to the core by their encounter with Tridarir, an orphan boy and the last surviving Tasmanian Aborigine. A breath-taking, epic feat of storytelling.
Madam Bâ
Madame Bâ is forced to leave Mali for the very first time to look for her favourite grandson Michel, who has followed some football scouts to France – and that ms applying for a visa.
Real Men Don't Cry
Mourad was brought up in Nice, by a loving but rather suffocating mother. His big sister, Dounia, has left home because she couldn’t stand the weight of Islamic tradition in their lives. When Mourad gets to Paris, he stays with a cousin who lives a life of luxury as a gigolo. Soon, Mourad, a qualified teacher, has to face his first pupils, in the ‘93’, an underprivileged suburb near Paris.
You'll never be sad again
A doctor in despair decides to kill himself because since his wife died, he is incapable of treating his patients. Sarah, an eccentric old lady, tries to convince him to change his mind. She has 7 days to do it.
Raymond is a writer. Marianne, his wife, is a waitress. Although very young they already have 2 kids. In America of the 70s, it’s hard to make ends meet. Raymond dreams of being published. His meeting with Douglas, literary director of a big magazine, is crucial yet infernal. The true story of one of the most mythical duos in the history of American literature.
The Ghost Rider
A medieval village is plunged into a spiral of fear and suspicion following a chain of mysterious events. Who is the Ghost Rider?
Cheating Death
The escape (and the chase) of an ex-bookseller now serial killer, from the quarries of the Butte Montmartre to the Irish peat bogs.
Bloody Ladies
Bosses, husbands, fathers, lovers, mothers-in-law and others, some men and women are just a nuisance. Wouldn’t it be easier to get rid of them if we joined forces? That idea occurred to the founding ladies of a very secret club whose members call themselves the "Bloody Ladies"...
The Palace of Dreams
A Machiavellian autocrat has decreed that the dreams of the entire nation must be laid bare, a ghastly plan to reduce individual citizens to servitude and to keep them under surveillance – even in their sleep. Mark-Alem, descendant of a noble family, is a lowly recruit at the dreaded Palace of Dreams. As he rises rapidly through the hierarchy, will he truly succeed in becoming its Master?
Death to the Jerks!
Who has never longed to kill his neighbour, when woken up on a Sunday morning by the sound of a drill? Or to get out and thump the driver who sticks to your rear like glue? One day, the hero of this novel discovers his vocation: to rid the world of jerks.
A 1001 Nights in the ER
Baptist, a 27 year-old intern, becomes fond of a female patient who is terminally ill. Her only son can’t make it to her bedside because of the volcanic ash from Iceland. Baptist decides to cheat death and gain time. Like a Scheherazade, he tells her stories, funny and tragic, about life at the hospital.
Why don't you love me?
The story of a little boy who is terrified, and soon becomes terrifying. A tale of everyday cruelty.
The Final Impulse
Mina and Jonathan Martin left Paris to renovate their lockkeeper’s house on the Canal du Berry. Their peace is disturbed the day they see a new neighbour arrive, Vladimir Martin. He’s friendly, charming, rich, but he seems to show great interest in the Martins, to the point of making them cult figures. Jonathan finds his attention unhealthy and disturbing.
Previous Lives
That summer...
The Sugar Club
A woman's fight against human trafficking
“Come back, Darwin, they are going mad!”
The 7th Woman
7 days, 7 women, 7 murders. Who’s next?
Cancer Ward
The story of a small group of people in the cancer ward of a provincial Soviet hospital in 1955, two years after Stalin's death.
Just Like Tomorrow
A story for anyone who has ever experienced living on the outside and looking in, especially from that alien place called adolescence.
The Accident
The mysterious death of a pair of mysterious lovers