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The incredible adventure of Anne, who passes to the other side in order to save her sister, held captive in a parallel world …
From a Sicilian island to the rooftops of Paris, Vango is on the run, hunted by mysterious powers. But he is also searching for himself. Who is he? Who wants to kill him? In this breath-taking novel, constructed like a puzzle, he sees the epic of the Zeppelins, falls in love with the beautiful Ethel against the growing rumble of war …
Little Grey Lies
It’s a true story, that of a woman who cross-dressed as a war veteran in 1920s England. At the time, she made banner headlines, and then just disappeared. Yet hers is a captivating story.
The Threads of the Heart
Thanks to her artistry as a seamstress, young Frasquita will liberate herself from the traditions of her little town and fashion her own destiny.
Osborne, former policemen worn-out by drugs and alcohol, decides to go back to work to solve a murder supposedly committed by his friend and former boss, before he committed suicide. The investigation obliges Osborne to plunge into the very world he fled, to confront his own demons, a childhood sweetheart and a few dark Maori legends.
White Dog
Los Angeles, at the end of the 60s. As the black Americans fight for their civil rights, Romain Gary and his wife, Jean Seberg, take in a stray dog. They soon realize that it’s a ‘white dog’ - an animal trained to attack and kill black people. Romain Gary makes up his mind to retrain the dog, whatever it takes, even if it looks like a hopeless challenge.
How They Saved Wang-Fô
Wang Fô, an aged artist, and his disciple Ling escape the vengeance of the cruel Emperor of China thanks to the magic of painting
The Seven-League Boots
Six schoolfriends dream of buying a pair of seven-league boots that sit proudly in the shop window of a strange shopkeeper. Each one dreams of what he would do if he could tour the world in an instant: beat running records, visit Africa and India …
Lucie or the Woman with No Shadow
A young boy discovers the secrets of his fascinating school teacher and is marked for life by a sense of marvel
Our Lady of the Nile
At the Lycee Notre-Dame du Nil, young girls are prepared to become the country’s female elite. But under the seemingly calm surface of the religious institution, racial hatred brews. Persecutions against the Tutsi are becoming ever more frequent. These teenagers will have to face a horrific story.
Kililana Song
On the coast of the Kenyan archipelago, in Lamu Town, Naïm, an eleven-year-old boy is pursued all day long by his brother who is trying to bring him back to the Koranic school. As we follow Naïm in this frantic chase, we meet many colourful characters whose lives will be linked in some way.
Imagine a unique, civilised people living under immense domes, where security and good health are guaranteed. But what if you don’t want to live like that?
The Erotic Potential of My Wife
Hector is a compulsive collector. He thinks he’s been cured of his secret vice, when he meets the lovely Brigitte - how could he tell she would clean windows so meticulously? Soon he starts a new collection... his wife’s ‘window-washing sessions’!
A young woman meets a violent death. A diary reveals a forbidden love. Someone is confined in a mental hospital to prevent a scandal. Then two young women disappear in turn under suspicious circumstances. This is a strange winter indeed for Malabourg... and especially for young Mina, Léon the mayor, and the florist Alexis...
3 women, 3 generations, a story about secrets, love and memory.
Max is the perfect prototype of the ‘Lebensborn’ programme, initiated by Himmler. Women selected by the Nazis were to bring into the world pure specimens of the Aryan race, young people whose purpose would be to regenerate Germany, then Europe, occupied by the Reich. Fascinating and disturbing, this historical fable is remarkably well-documented.
The Story of Jane
What if someone wrote a story all about you… A story that detailed your love life, your relationships, your daily comings and goings? And what if your anonymous author got it all right?
The Flying custom
In 1914, Gwen, a young bone-setter, climbs into the Ankou’s cart… and wakes up in another world, as though he had emerged from the past. In this strange country, dominated by the dreaded flying customs, Gwen has the most fantastic adventures before he goes back to his Brittany home.
Black is a Colour
Autobiographical narrative from an author who, as a young mother passionately in love, anti-conformist, longing for freedom in Germany of the 60s, resorts to prostitution to feed her family.
The Force of the Innocents / Hell is Here / Jessica’s Children
A vast conspiracy allows an honest woman to become Mayor of New-York. Her path, and those of the collateral victims of the plot, are full of pitfalls.
The Ogre’s Laugh
Staying with his German pen pal for the holidays, Paul discovers how the violence of war leaves scars on human beings – deep scars, hidden, never referred to. And they never heal, remaining despite love affairs and life’s occupations, blending with memories such as the unexplained death of his own father.
Le sens de la nuit
A police officer who lets his intuition guide his investigations, a great fan of Baudelaire, starts a nocturnal chase in search of a serial killer whose victims are women.