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Exquisite Corpse
A successful writer’s girlfriend and ex-wife are about to play a trick on him that he’s going to remember his entire life!
From a Sicilian island to the rooftops of Paris, Vango is on the run, hunted by mysterious powers. But he is also searching for himself. Who is he? Who wants to kill him? In this breath-taking novel, constructed like a puzzle, he sees the epic of the Zeppelins, falls in love with the beautiful Ethel against the growing rumble of war …
As Long As We Live
Bo and Hama work in the same factory, she the day, he on the nightshift. The moment they meet, they fall madly in love with each other. One morning, a catastrophe occurs and they are obliged to flee the devastated town. So begins for them a fabulous journey across unknown territory… But when darkness has taken the place of light, can love alone suffice to keep us alive?
The Piratosaur
The adventures of the most intrepid dinosaur-pirate of the Caribbean Sea and his faithful Pirate-Cat
Hunted down by mysterious powers, Vango is fleeing from Sicily to Paris. He is also in pursuit of himself. Who is he? Who is plotting his death? In the interlocking pieces of the puzzle that compose this suspenseful novel, Vango will encounter love with the beautiful Ethel, with the growing menace of the guns of war resounding in the background.
Verloc Nim awakens in the middle of nowhere, amnesiac. His diary plunges him into his past as a non-conformist who sought in vain to free himself from a hyper-technological world.
Tobie Lolness
Because his father refused to reveal the secret of an evolutionary invention that could have threatened the life of the Tree, Tobie’s family is exiled to the Lower-Branches, then imprisoned. Tobie manages to escape and tries to free his parents while the Tree, constantly bored by a profit-seeking industrialist, is in danger of dying and a brutal dictatorship takes over.
Kakao, the koala, and Bubu, the pig, are two inseperable friends: nothing and no-one can come between them!