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Alice in Monkeyland
Alice is lost among the different worlds of tales. The help of Eddy the Mandrill and a friendly Tiger will help her find her bearings
1930's Hollywood: a disillusioned porn film director and a corrupt cop contend with the mafia and the KKK. A realistic thriller that exposes the dark side of Hollywood.
The Extraordinary Journey
Two kids build a revolutionary machine to take part in a competition for the famous Jules Verne trophy, in order to find their parents who were kidnapped by a mysterious secret society.
The Knights of the Owl
Little Manille dreams of becoming a knight. He’d do anything to join the Brotherhood of the Owl, although he has heard they have been cursed. To do so, he will have to thwart the plot of the infamous Baron de Dampierre.
Bran, an arrogant young prince, finds himself transformed into a crow by a Creature. Macha, a fox-witch, helps him get back to his own body
Big Bang Cats
The adventure of a gang of losers who want to become the greatest rock group in the school!
Gold and Blood
Fighting together in the trenches of the First World War, Calixte, an aristocratic officer, and Leon, a Corsican soldier, swear eternal friendship. Three years later, they are providing arms to the Rif rebels in their struggle against the colonial powers in the Second Moroccan War. Their loyalty and verve make them leaders of a rebel army combatting the colonial oppressor.
The Third Testament
When the Grand Inquisitor Conrad de Marbourg sets off in search of the Third Testament, a document capable of shaking the Church to its roots, he engages in a fight to the death with the Templars and the forces of evil.
Chateaux Bordeaux
Back from the USA, Alexandra is taking over her father’s vineyard now that he has passed away. The young woman is seeking to sort things out in her life, but her return ruffles the very conservative world of wine-growers. She will have to fight against her brothers’ reluctance, convince the wholesalers and foil the little schemes of her so-called ‘friends’.
A sweet, sugar-coated grandma, just like the cream-filled choux pastries she loves so much! A plump little lady with her hair pulled into a bun, and a lovable old grandma who forgot to grow up. Far from being the nostalgic type, Mamette can’t get enough of life. She’s 100% connected to the modern world.
The Baker Street Irregulars
These three street kids are Sherlock Holmes’s eyes and ears. But when the great detective isn’t around, they get up to their own adventures.
The Secret Triangle
When two researchers discover a legendary manuscript, THE MADMAN’S TESTAMENT, a perilous quest begins. We discover that it was not Jesus who died on the cross, but his twin brother. Two secret societies battle to reveal or to protect history’s best-kept secret.
Kid Paddle
Kid Paddle, the ‘geek’ who’s sold 8 million comic books, is ready to ‘unblork’ you! This young fan of video games and horror films presents his one-page gags throughout 13 books. His video game avatar even has his own series: GAME OVER.
Every day, life obliges us to make choices. After choosing one direction, who can say they have never thought, ‘What if I had…’ Destinies explores that arborescence of possibilities, setting the main character in multiple lives.
A Wild Childhood
In the 1980s, in the heart of the Ariège mountains, the Maisonnier family chooses to live without running water or electricity. Lala, one of the eight children, has never been to school and works on the land with her parents. A testimony about a unique childhood in the country.
Silas Corey
In 1917, the mysterious Aquila, head of a network of saboteurs, attacks the French nation. Only one man can unmask him: Silas Corey.