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The Invention of Poverty
Wealth and poverty: one cannot exist without the other. Can lovers break through the borders established by economic laws?
Dolfi and Marilyn
When the inconspicuous historian, Tycho Mercier, wins the sixth banned clone of Hitler in a super-market raffle, then inherits his neighbour’s Marilyn - a pirated remake of the famous star - his life is turned upside down.
Juliette, in Her Bath
Is it possible to make a huge fortune without making enemies ? That is the question billionaire Ronald Kandiotis has to answer when he announces his intention to make a donation to France: two paintings from his personal collection. His daughter Lara is kidnapped and a cruel blackmail begins!
Arsène Lupin is Back. The New Adventures of the Gentleman Burglar
The adventures of Arsène Lupin in the third millennium: irresistible!
Gaddafi’s Harem: The Story of a Young Woman and Abuse of Power in Libya
Shocking and moving, Gaddafi’s Harem tells the story of a young Libyan girl, Soraya, who at the age of fifteen was taken from her family by Gaddafi’s regime and forced, along with many other young women, into sexual servitude.
The Suitors
Two sisters from an incredibly rich family learn that their father has decided to sell the family home on the French Riviera. They organize casting sessions for “suitors” in order to find a husband rich enough to take care of the house’s expenses…
Six months, Six Days
A German billionaire falls under the spell of a gigolo who becomes a blackmailer. The swindler knows quite a bit about her family, which was far from perfect during the war.
The Man from Lyon
A son dives into the past to find out more about his father. We discover a fascinating Lyon, whose back alleys are as impenetrable as the secrets of the Resistance and as winding as family histories.
Trifling Love Affairs
In this spirited debut novel, reminiscent of the enchanting world of an author such as David Foenkinos, Virginie Carton paints the compelling portrait of a generation, and an era full of contradictions. Or, how to love at 30.