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The Tale of the Rose
From the passion of their first encounter on the Massilia, en route to Argentina, to their divorce in America, shortly before the disappearance of the aviator and writer, the relationship between Antoine and Consuelo de Saint Exupéry was a succession of crises and reconciliations, until Saint-Exupéry crashed his plane off the coast of Marseille.
Dictator’s Wives
From Lenin to Bokassa, Hitler to Salazar, how nine of the 20th century’s great dictators included their women in their game, and the results of their actions. A series of highly original and well-researched articles revealing what went on in behind the scenes in history, written in a simple and direct style that makes this acerbic study accessible to a wide public.
Easy Bait
The true story of a mental manipulation that drove a family to ruin and self-destruction: parents to mistrust their children, brothers to protect themselves against their sisters, husbands to become the accomplices of their wives’ persecutor.
Stalin’s Trumpeter
A Parisian journalist is investigating the life of his father, a Russian trumpet player. He plunges into key periods of history: from New York in the 20s to the gulags of Kolyma, and Stalin’s most guarded secrets.
The Master of Names followed by The Enrolled and Jericho
Don’t powerful people dream of controlling everything? How far could that go? Could our obsession with security turn against the citizen?
Written by an expert on cyber-crime.
Claude Eatherly’s Last Night
Texas, 1949. Embarking on a career as a photographer-reporter, Rose Calter is pretty, ambitious and obsessional. In the small courthouse in Sherman, she meets a man called Claude Eatherly, ex-air force veteran, still young. She discovers that this former pilot opened the route to Hiroshima for the world’s first atomic bomber.
A Black Heart
In the course of his crimes, a small-time hooligan accidentally discovers a world he never suspected.
Aldo Morsini, The Duke’s Mascot
The adventures of Venetian Prince Aldo Morisini , an antique dealer, expert in jewellery, the ‘Robin Hood’ of the powerful. Written by the queen of historical fiction in France.
Ideal role for Javier Barden or Hugh Jackman.
I’d Rather Have Lived
The startling destiny of a young man who dies for love, only to find himself lost somewhere between the afterlife and the word of living. A philosophical tale