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The Great Mariner
Lili, a French runaway young woman, comes to Alaska to work on a longliner as a rookie deckhand. Life at sea is tough and dangerous, and Lili lives in the fear of being arrested and expelled. She gains respect and affection from the other crew members, especially from Jude. Does Lili have to choose between love and freedom?
A Woman Loved
The fascinating story of a young Russian filmmaker’s attempts to portray Catherine the Great, before and after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
Don't Cry
Montse, in her twilight years, tells her daughter about the story of the family’s loves and losses during the Spanish Civil War.
The Meteorologist
The Meteorologist is the fascinating and deeply moving story of an innocent man caught up in an absurd system, which casts light on the broader subjects of Soviet history, the mindlessness and trauma of totalitarianism, and the devastating consequences of Soviet paranoia.
An Indian fashion designer commits suicide and bequeaths her estate to her lover, a famous psychiatrist, who discovers two notebooks she kept. He attempts to understand what transgressions drove her to take this fatal step, as her sister travels from India to Paris to contest the will.
Break Neck
Rose and Julie's submissive love for the same man, Charles, sets them on an arms race of artificial beauty and debasement
Death from the Woods
A mute and blind quadriplegic, Elise Andrioli, is approached by a girl who claims to have witnessed one of the recent child murders in the community. But, trapped in her own body, Elise cannot warn anyone--or protect herself.
Plague and Cholera
A wonderful epic about the destiny of an exceptional man named Alexandre Yersin, a former student of Louis Pasteur fallen into oblivion, a Swiss-French explorer in a white coat who goes to the other side of the world to discover the dreadful bacillus for the plague in the late nineteenth century.
Theo's Odyssey
A spiritual love story, in which the love of family, a girlfriend, and God sustains and heals a 14-year-old dying boy who goes on a tour through the world's religions.
The Village of Idiots
The story of an impossible paradise, a fable about exclusion, about all those who, far from being “idiots”, are simply incapable of living like others
The Immortals (Ad Vitam Aeternam)
The tale of a vicious revenge
Black Uniforms ("Das Schwarze Korps")
From the Allied landing in Normandy until the eve of the Paris liberation - the German SS and the French Gestapo maintained a state of terror in France, its population shocked by murders, robberies and corruption. Turning the situation to their advantage, industrialists, bankers, artists and writers… get rich and celebrate. But some of them foresee the wind of change and prepare their future.
No Fixed Abode
The tale of a divorced 60 year-old man who is gradually thrust into a spiral of insecurity, finally becoming one of the homeless.
The Watchers
Nexus is a madman, a murderer, and an amnesiac who falls asleep on his victims’ still-warm bodies. A detective who is working for a paranoid politician, and a psychiatrist eager to prove that the justice system locked up a sick man unfairly and too hastily, investigate Nexus’ labyrinthine psyche