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The Hartlepool Monkey
How a monkey was judged and hanged for high treason by the citizens of Hartlepool
Porno-Romantic Comedy
In this amorous comedy, the characters are swept off their feet in a sensual waltz that cunningly sways between fiction and reality, revealing a couple in their thirties who are seeking some meaning in their lives.
The killer Per Svenson, a Jesus lookalike, escaped during his public execution in front of everyone’s eyes. Will Rosko, the policeman who captured him six years ago, track him down again?
Pascal leads a quiet life in Quebec, until the day he receives an invitation to a reunion of high school classmates. Pascal is so anxious! He feels fat, old and a loser. He starts jogging, a diet, relooking, Pascal will do anything to be up to scratch and impress the unattainable Lucie he loved as a kid. But on D day, his plans seem to be doomed…
Sergeant Franck Braffort, just back from a mission in Caucasia, discovers Paris metamorphosed into a gigantesque urbanised metropolis. Joël Beauregard, prefect of the town, wants to make Paris the equal of New-York, but strange phenomena called ‘Anomalies’ are spreading terror through the old city. Braffort is transformed into a superhero: Masked.
Aquablue, Vol. 1. Nao
Nao, a human, is fighting for the freedom of the planet Aquablue. But he is also heir to their greatest enemy, a powerful family of Earth-dwellers, the Morgensterns.
Sillage: First Combats, Vol. 1. Team Spirit
Discover the first missions of Navis, Sillage’s very special agent
The Scarlet Rose: Missions, Vol.1. The Ghost of the Bastille
The Scarlet Rose wants to protect the poor and the defenceless. She joins forces with Le Renard (The Fox), who trains her for the purpose. Together, they solve crimes.