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500,000 Euro of Pocket Money
‘This morning, I found a satchel hidden at the bottom of my garden. In it, there was 500,000 euro. What would you have done in my place?’
Immediate Takeoff
On the way to Roissy where her mother, an air hostess, has left her mysterious instructions, Lana has no idea that she is about to set off on a dangerous journey from airport to airport…
The Other
Natan and Shaé, two teenage heirs of seven legendary Families, confront the Other, a terrifying incarnation of Evil. Eight years later, their son continues their combat.
Switching Families
Hortensia thinks her family is way too bohemian and eccentric. She persuades her best friend Martin to swop parents – he finds his too conventional – for hers, for one week. But is it such a good idea?
Uniquely talented thief at the age of 15, Billie Bird tries to satisfy the demands of the kidnappers who are holding her father – a famous burglar – in order to save his life.
With the help of her little brother, Séraphin, and the mysterious Octave, she has to drive through Europe to find the Zodiac Heads and the key they need to rebuild the Time Machine.
One-Night Gangsters
Three teenagers, small time crooks, Achille, Maxus and Dimitri, burgle a shop and are astonished to find a stock of cocaine in the loot. Will they manage to escape the Mafiosi it belongs to, who’ll do anything to get it back?
The Perfect Prey
Ljuba and Cam discover that their friend Morgane, who had an appointment with a photographer to make her portfolio to become a top model, has disappeared.