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One evening, deep in the west of France, a game-keeper finds he has a new master. The old Baron de l'Aubépine is dead, his son succeeds him. Lambert the gamekeeper is a strong and loyal servant who looks after the woods and the dogs. He has a daughter whose skin is milky white, to a fault... A merciless huis-clos between the gamekeeper and his new master.
Arab Jazz
In Paris’s 19th arrondissement, a young woman is assassinated in a macabre mise en scène, surrounded by symbols of impurity. Two charismatic police officers find themselves confronted with an investigation in the form of a multi-ethnic puzzle. In this modern, perfectly orchestrated thriller that takes us from Paris to New York, drug trafficking networks and religious followers are linked.
The Madonna of Notre Dame
When a white-clad young Madonna is found dead on a pew in Paris’s Notre-Dame Cathedral, the police invade the scene and jump at the first likely culprit. But this ancient edifice hides many secrets…
Talking to a friend, Alix discovers that her half-brother Alban Joseph has converted to Islam. She does everything in her powers to make her brother abandon a decision that seems to be the result of manipulation.
The King is Not Sleepy
They handcuff 20-year-old Thomas Hogan as his mother, Mary, fills the air with her screams. How did the perfect, well-loved son become a child killer? This book is a flash-back on the fate of a Steinbeck-type hero.
Ladies Dancing Under the Bombs
A young African woman watches helplessly as the rebel militia murder her family. After narrowly escaping death, she joins the “Fearless Lionesses", a group of female warriors known for their bravery. This novel is a deeply moving allegory of the unbreakable will to survive and a hymn to the strength and determination of women fighting all over the world.
Stone Nests
In this family saga spanning 3 generations, humans appears to be the toys of fate and nature. A family of doctors and a peasant family are linked by a secret worthy of a tale from Antiquity.
Kabukicho, Tokyo.’s red light district. A cross between Pigalle and Las Vegas, love is for sale here and truth always concealed. Kate Sanders, well known hostess of the Gaïa Club, is found dead. She was buried alive. The investigation goes awry in the smoke and mirrors of Japanese society and the shady identities of the suspects.
The Gospel for Paupers
The body of a homeless man is found in the River Seine. He drowned, but his body bears the stigmata of the crucified Christ. A few months earlier, he had occupied Notre-Dame Cathedral with homeless friends, creating public disorder. In high places, his is just another street death. So why do a pair of unruly investigators think their superiors are trying to bury the affair?
Murder chez Proust
In Marcel Proust’s town, a brilliant police chief, haunted by the memory of his dead wife, is investigating the murder of a most honourable and equally despised woman: the president of the Proust Association, a circle of literary specialists who’d do anything to lay their hands on the France’s most celebrated author’s work.
Adam, who is unmarried, unattractive and very unsuccessful, suddenly discovers he has the power to slip into any kind of identity in a blink of an eye. In order to seduce Rita, he becomes an art forger. A very dangerous line of business indeed...
33 Days
June 1940. The German Army has invaded Paris. 8 million people are on the run: the great Exodus. Among them, a couple. Life is about to teach them a great lesson of humanity and freedom.
The Lady of Tears
A disoriented father decides to investigate a murder discovered thanks to mysterious canvases painted by a ghostly hand. A family tragedy with warmth, suspense and fantasy.
Soft Shadows
A story of impossible love between a Vietnamese girl and a soldier form Brittany during the Indochina war.
The Ghost of Little Marcel
One night, a little girl and her cousin receive a visitor: a little boy who seems to have respiratory problems. His name is Marcel (Proust) and he’s looking for a title for his novel … As they continue to meet during the school holidays, they discover his universe.
The Sufferer's Laugh
A futuristic novel without a futuristic decor that tells how the book can become a weapon of mass manipulation …
What my Silence Wrote
In an enclosed, stifling foyer, a father persecutes his daughter under the gaze of a passive mother. The victim rebels, kills her father and breaks the silence.
Blossom and Blood
The lives of two doctors intertwine through the centuries, the one echoing the other. In the 17th century, Urbain Delatour learns the profession of apocathery-surgeon; today, Etienne Delatour is a surgeon using state-of-the-art medical technology. Each man falls under the spell of a femme fatale. Both know fame, then a fall …
The Lizard King
Private detective Louise Morvan solves the mystery of the murder of her uncle: Julian Eden, whose agency she inherited at the end of the 70s when she was a young woman.
Dangerous Pleasure
Élie Elian realizes his vocation when he becomes head chef. Through his talents for gastronomy - the obsession of his life - he discovers charnel passion, the creator’s torments, the fragility of fame…
Darkness and Light
Freely inspired by the Karachi affair and real politico-legal scandals, this crime novel explores the links between power, its treatment by the media, and terrorism.
The Loser's corner
Fifty years apart, the story of a young French soldier during the Algerian War and that of a boxer who has become a hatchet man in Paris today.
Dirty War
The death of Florian Vidal, a lawyer specialized in Africa, reopens the investigation into the murder of Toussaint Kidjo, a mixed-race police inspector. Both victims were burned alive, a blazing tyre placed round their necks. A thriller at the heart of a State scandal that takes us from Kinshasa to Paris.
The Pelican's Heart
A teenager moves to a provincial town with his sister and parents. In order to ingratiate himself with his new friends, he exploits his talent for running and soon becomes a local legend, better known under his nickname of ‘The Pelican’. But just as he is on the brink of glory, he has a bad fall and is seriously injured…
The Archangel of Chaos
After beginning her career in the financial brigade, Franka Kehlmann joins the Homicide Division under Commissioner Bastien Cara, but she has to earn her stripes on the job. Franka’s first case throws her in at the deep end: a mysterious vigilante is committing ritualistic murders across Paris.
Bed of nails
“Bed of Nails” does for Paris what James Ellroy did for vintage America, shining a light as never before on the seedy underbelly of La Ville Lumière. 400 characters max.
The French sisters
Little Women meets Virgin Suicides against a European historical backdrop. We follow the three women and their destinies through the 20th century. Fascinating and mysterious, they choose the life they want, standing for or against things rather than enduring them. Life does not separate them.