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The Panda Theory
A stranger checks into a Brittany hotel. As the story progresses, his sombre past unfolds, becoming more and more disturbing… And people disappear. Is Gabriel the good friend he pretends to be?
Opium Poppy
Opium Poppy is firstly the story of an Afghan child, Alam. Come to France by his own means, Alam neither plays nor smiles. A child soldier, victim of adult barbarity, Alam is travelling the world in search of freedom.
What is the secret of Norma-Jean, the divine heroine of this psychological novel? Ingrid Thobois plunges us into a puzzle-novel whose cinematographic accents bring the masterpieces of Hitchcock and Mankiewicz to mind.
The Fan Painter
A novel about Japan, art, Japanese gardens, love… untile a disaster erases everything. A novel about life ! Hubert Haddad brings an unforgettable initiatory novel, stunning in its mastery and refinement.
Fannie and Freddie
When the daughter of American workers kidnaps a golden boy in New York: the revenge of a social class. A terrible tension.
Naughty Little Girl Theory
1848-1900: A unique portrait of the USA caught between the height of puritanism and the emergence of capitalism, told through the story of the sisters who launched the Spiritualist Movement.
A Desirable Body
Famous neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero prepares to carry out an unprecedented transplant: grafting one man’s head onto the body of another… But what can you expect from life when you lice with someone else’s body ? That’s what is about to live Cédric Alleyn-Weberson.
May In Autumn
A captivatingly nostalgic saga lead by independent women. Mai en automne breathes new life and passion into a forgotten world.
The Front Seat Passenger
Fabien Delorme learns that his wife has been killed in a road accident in the company of her lover. Fabien, whose life had been problem-free until then, finds himself a widow and a cuckold on the same day. He devises a plan to seduce the dead lover’s wife, little knowing that he’s setting up a spiral of events, which he miraculously survives.