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A young seminarian on the run in revolutionary Nicaragua, Gabriel de la Serna will be forced to come to terms with his rebellion, his desires, and his own humanity in order to become a man. But, deep in the heart of the jungle, will he be able to cope with the weight of his past mistakes?
Alone and on the run, Alex and Elisa have only a flash drive to defend themselves with, and to expose those responsible for an international network of organ trafficking. What they don’t realize is that they’re already a part of the system...
Jason Brice
Jason Brice is a private investigator.
His speciality? Solving supposedly occult or paranormal cases...
Ancestral enemies must run a galaxy-wide diplomatic Mission... Together!
A breathing space opera mixed with machiavelian diplomatic tragedy.
The Angelus
Clovis never would have guessed that coming across a masterpiece of classical painting would have such a colossal effect on his life. Completely obsessed by Millet’s L’Angélus, he discovers a 45 year-old family secret, and in so doing metamorphoses from an uninspired, gloomy husband into a spirited seducer.
The Honest People
At the age of 53, he goes from a financial assessor to server, to con artist, to hairdresser, to bookseller, all in the span of 4 years. Who says that old dogs can’t learn new tricks?
The Cuckoo
If you could reinvent your life and become somebody else… How far would you go to change?
Mommy Killers
Be careful what you wish for! If you ever curse your mother... It could cost her a lot!