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EXODES is an ecological anticipation thriller - hard-hitting, dark and disheartening - where both the human and economic stakes are high. The touching, eminently human characters are utterly credible in their absurd quests and we naturally warm to them. Jean-Marc Ligny condemns the destructive folly of our free-market world.
The Quest for the World-Books
If you discovered at the age of 16 that you were a superhero, what would you do: accept your dangerous mission or stick to your secure, everyday teenager's life?
You will be enchanted by this musical universe, a symphony of Adventure, Love and Elsewhere.
Mósa Wòsa
Coming of age in a clash of cultures.
Would you risk your life for a twin-brother you never met before?
Grass-Snake Season
"As ethical as a mechanic. As mute as a warrior. As stoic as a functionary.” Serving intergalactic travellers, Intersection 55 is a cold world. But the Snake is coming! Network breakdown or a return to a forgotten state of the divine?
NARCOGENESIS is a morbid tale on the theme of lost childhood, (a disturbing variation of the Wizard of Oz), which will captivate lovers of the supernatural. What is so striking about this story is that we enter a universe cleverly balanced between the imaginary world (with Louise's gift, the Sandman), and our real world (a child disappears, a police inspector leads the investigation).
Part philosophical contemplation, part highly-charged action, in Mimosa we travel through an improbable saga where clones, virtual doubles, artificial intelligence and legendary characters from crime and the cinema all intermingle.
The Secret of the Rabbi
THE SECRET OF THE RABBI, a gripping thriller with an historical background leads us - not without a generous sprinkling of humour - along a path of picaresque fantasy.