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The Living and The Shadows
A captivating family saga. The narrator of this book is the home that shelters 4 generations.
The Red Couch
A woman is on a train heading for Siberia. She is going to find the man she loved, yet her thoughts are in Paris, in her old neighbour’s apartment, sitting on her red sofa, memories that are gradually fading.
Four walls
Four brothers and sisters meet up again in Greece two years after their father’s death. This trip is an opportunity to review the complexity and ambivalence of their relationships. How did they reach this point, these four siblings who meant everything to each other?
A passionate love affair between two women in the strict provincial society at the beginning of the 20th century. The women come alive for the first time, are as though reborn. Looking at bygone times through contemporary eyes, Léonor de Récondo shatters the confines of bourgeois conformity to reveal the blossoming of desire and sudden awareness of one’s body.
The Colour of Dawn
A portrait of disillusioned youth, torn between despair and revolt, in Haiti. A powerful story about contemporary Haitian society with deep, complex characters who evolve in a sensual, brightly coloured universe. Great opportunities for outstanding visual evocations.
The Smell of the Minotaur
A novel that recounts radical change in a life, constructed around the forceful main character. Marjorie is a brilliant young woman, settled in her life. A phone call from her mother tells her that her father is dying. She gets into her car and starts the journey, but she skids on a bend and her car hits a big stag, then everything changes.
True Paradises
A novel of initiation in Parisian nightlife, during the 80s.