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Murder on the Eiffel Tower
Embark on a wonderful journey through the Paris of La Belle-Époque, bustling with authors, artists, new inventions… and exquisite murders.
Some secrets are shameful. But would you be willing to die to keep them hidden?
First rule: Nothing you’re about to live is true. This is a game.
Second rule: One of you will die.
Shall We Dance?
A game of love, emails and chance.
Shadow Ritual
A Freemason homicide detective investigates murders committed throughout history by an occult Aryan brotherhood whose motives appear to be rooted in Masonic archives
Satan was an Angel
Two men, both on their last legs, who should never have got together in the first place, find themselves on a road-trip in the same car. Destination? Either death or redemption.
Things Left Unsaid
A grandfather haunted by remorse because of his past, and a rebellious teenager, share a journey of initiation.
Guess the End
Four lives and a leather bag full of banknotes for a brilliant multi-faceted film
The Seventh Templar
2011. A group of 7 templars have survived through the centuries. What is the secret that binds them still, shedding blood even in our times?
The Stone Boy
Who is the real Madame Préau? A dangerous, paranoid lunatic, as some believe? A lonely grandmother, as her son thinks? Or the only person who has noticed the suffering of her neighbour’s eldest child?
There is no official confirmation that this thin, sickly and obviously isolated child exists. Has she invented him?
The Hungry Dark
A policeman wakes up in a cellar, kept prisoner by a woman prepared to stop at nothing to make him confess to a crime he has not committed. In this terrifying and claustrophobic setting, a relentless countdown begins…