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A Certain Cervantes
An American veteran who identifies with Don Quixote will take to the road to try to oppose all the forms of injustice that are poisoning his country. The police are hot on his trail.
Thomas’s life turns upside down when the pharmaceutical group he works for decodes his genome, making him the first privatized man. Thomas will discover the group’s secret programme and the astonishing truth about himself.
The Interview
Raniero, in his fifties, consultant psychologist in a clinic, meets a new young patient, Dora. It would appear that they experience the same visions, of a telepathic nature. Troubled by this, Raniero begins to lose his bearings. He starts to fall for Dora, who is a member of the New Convention, a group that recommends free love …
Kililana Song
On the coast of the Kenyan archipelago, in Lamu Town, Naïm, an eleven-year-old boy is pursued all day long by his brother who is trying to bring him back to the Koranic school. As we follow Naïm in this frantic chase, we meet many colourful characters whose lives will be linked in some way.
The Dog in Lake Chambara
In medieval Japan, a young orphan becomes a ninja warrior to take vengeance
Cannon Fodder
The tough apprenticeship of military life by a young recruit who joined up before WW1
The Chinese Are to Blame
In a globalised world, how can you survive when you’re a worker in an abattoir, with a dysfunctional family and low-brow colleagues? If you believe that the class struggle must be fought through crime, then for Louis Meunier, anything that helps him ditch this pathetic excuse for a life is a possible!