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During the winter of 2014, between London and Sweden, a spate of murders are committed with identical MO. A profiler and an author are on the trail of the prolific serial killer. Their search takes them to the horrors of Buchenwald concentration camp in 1944.
Adrien and Hadrian; two 13-year-old boys with the same interests: school, girls, parents… But one lives in 2014, and the other in 1914. They contact each other by chance and form a friendship that makes Adrien ready to do anything in his powers to save Hadrian from the war he knows to be imminent.
Adèle and Queen Margot’s Wedding
Adele doesn’t want to work at school. So when she discovers she has to read a book from cover to cover, she takes it as a punishment. But as she reads, something astonishing happens: in her dreams, Adele finds herself in the 16th century, at the Court of the famous “Reine Margot”. Every night, she sinks more deeply into her dream world… at the risk of losing herself forever.
Roxane, legitimate heir to the throne of a fairy kingdom called Bordemarge, is hunted by the troops of Silas, a usurper. In her efforts to hide, she passes through the surface of a painting that projects her into our world. Here, she changes places with Violette, a shy librarian with a vivid imagination. Together, with the help of their friends, they restore order to the kingdom.
False Brother, True Secret
The humdrum existence of a self-effacing teenage girl is shattered when her father decides to bring an orphan boy of her own age into her home and school. It’s one problem after another with this so-perfect boy, to the point where the family is thrust into an adventure fraught with danger and surprises.
The White Abbey
An honest provincial policeman’s investigation exposes the links between sects, organized crime and the State. All the ingredients of a great film: highly visual writing, a thorough investigation that doesn’t get over complex, Jura in winter, the loss of illusions in the face of lies and manipulation, scathing humor and forceful dialogues.
The Architective
Armand, 15, has a strange power: without moving, he can travel into the past and visit the soul of places. After what appeared to be a straightforward mission, he is kidnapped by relic hunters who clearly know of his powers. With the help of his two friends, he decides to outsmart the secret society and lead his own investigations, backtracking through History and his family’s past…
The Perfect Scenario
Lily, a young woman with a disastrous love life, comes into possession of a magic pen that enables her to transform reality into romantic comedy. So, our heroine sets to work rewriting reality, but sometimes the worst outcome is for your dreams to come true.
The Day of the Sandman
One day, all the adults mysteriously fall into a deep sleep. The children adapt to this brand-new adult-free world and set up a new survival organization. Soon enough, rival gangs rise up. And moral values are at stake.
An antibiotic-resistant superbug seems to be getting out of control. Katelyn is the sole survivor of a huge breakout on a boat. She goes out hunting for the infector, who turns out to be… the love of her life.
Stolen Time
Can an anonymous letter sent to you by accident change the course of your life?
Between London and Sweden, Emily Roy is investigating a missing person and a murder committed following the MO of a serial killer who’s been locked up in a psychiatric hospital for ten years. Two crime scenes, two countries and one evil with roots in the past: the Victorian England of Jack the Ripper.
Free as a Dream
At the end of the 21st century, the future profession of a child is decided in keeping with the Birthdate Law, ‘January’ babies have access to rewarding careers, while ‘December’ kids must accept thankless chores no one else wants. Minöa and Silnëi are twin sisters, but one was born on December 31st at 23:58 and the other in the first minutes of January! Together, they fight against the system.
The House
In this moving initiatory tale, a young man who has been abandoned by his mother searches for the reasons why this woman who had always loved him should suddenly disappear: we see a little boy lost develop into an understanding and accepting adult.