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Looking for a story? You’ll find it in a book!

Publishing is a rich source of subjects and stories suitable for adaptation for the screen.

These stories have already been assessed by professionals – the publishers who chose to exploit them in book form. They are the work of authors – experts on creating dramatic tension, suspense, and romance. Lastly, they already have a readership as books, hence an immediate audience for the film.

To draw attention to their books, publishers can only gain from placing them within the scope of film industry professionals, who, in turn, can only gain from drawing on resources that have already been developed and finalized.

That’s what we seek to offer in this catalogue of titles selected by publishers for their qualities of adaptability.

For each story, we present the strong story lines, a summary of key information and the person to contact to find out more.

Happy reading!

 -  Nov 2014

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