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Catalog of French Titles for the MIFA 2015

Publishing is a rich source of subjects and stories just begging to be adapted for the screen. The books presented here were written by the finest connoisseurs of drama, suspense or romance – authors! Then selected by professionals who chose to invest in them – publishers! Finally, brought to life by a wide section of the public – readers and filmgoers. To highlight the interest these stories hold for professionals in the film industry, we prepared this catalogue of titles, selected by their publishers for their potential and availability, specifically for the MIFA 2015.


Each book is presented in its main storylines, with a synthesis of key information and the person to contact if you would like to know more. You will also find them, with other titles, on the Internet site: This WebSite is a bridge between the written word and the screen; a place where film and TV rights managers in French publishing houses can present books they believe to have a strong potential for screen adaptation. Thanks to a multi-criteria search engine, professionals visiting the site can select titles by category, by key words, characters, period, etc. depending on the project they have in mind. They can also leave a message to a group of publishers if they need more detailed information.

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 -  Jun 2015

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